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American Walnut Verbier

£158.57 / m2
Product Description

These wood floors use carefully selected timber and manufctured within the EC and have FSC certification. Machining and finishing are to very high standards with oils and lacquers completely pre finished, meaning no extra finishing on site. 

Lacquers - In one and two component formulations, of European origin, non-toxic and low formaldehyde content, form a sealing film, resistant to the signs of traffic and penetration of stains. Widely used for matte, semiopaque and/or bright, neutral and/or coloured finishes. The film that is formed on the surface of the wood, particularly clear and transparent, highlights the natural grain of the wood. It can be polished and restored with professional maintenance.

Natural Oils  - The primers that we have chosen to base oil, waxes and essential oils are among the finest and most reliable on the market, they penetrate deep into the wood and protect it. They do not create films on the surface, leaving the pores open and thus allowing good ventilation and natural elasticity. These substances are highly compatible with the structure of the wood due to and because of the same plant and mineral kingdom, made with low environmental impact, free from components harmful to humans and the environment. With oil treatments wooden floors, free from films subject to scratching, with the grain in its full splendour and finally nice to live, will become the most enjoyable element of furnishing house. The oiled floors are completely restorable with simple localized operations. Possible retouches of local area are in fact possible, and damaged areas also without the need to sand the whole surface. Recall that thanks to this treatment there is no liberation of formaldehyde nor electrostatic charges during the time.



Species American Walnut
Construction 16 or 21mm engineered (4.5mm walnut wear layer). Available solid 120/140/160/180 x 20 x 600/800-2200mm - phone 020 7138 3838 for details.
Finish Brushed and lacquered
Edge Profile Tongue and Groove and Bevel on 4 sides.

Prime (knots up to 15-25mm no sapwood, generally clean boards with few if any knots on each board)
Rustic A (knots up to 40-50mm minimal sapwood allowed)


120-180-240 x 16 x 800-2400mm (three mixed widths)
120-140 x 16 x 600-2200mm (fixed width subject to stock availability)
180-200 x 16 x 800-2400mm (fixed width subject to stock availability)
200-300 x 16 x 1000-2700mm (three mixed widths or 240mm fixed width subject to stock availability)

Pack Size: Sold in m2
Suitability High traffic areas
Availability 5 weeks from order
Installation Floating or glue down
UV Sensitivity Can lighten slightly with direct sunlight
Hardness American Walnut has 1010 Janka rating, slightly softer than European Oak 1360
Eco attributes FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood flooring



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